Those with sufficient money to buy adequate amounts of toilet paper for themselves tend to think of it as a necessity, but a necessity that is easy to provide for ourselves.
With the creation of UNROLL, I was thinking about discursive design, or design that prompts conversation. UNROLL is a toilet paper brand designed so that it doesn’t rip. The whole roll is one big roll. If you begin to unravel it, it won’t stop until the roll is gone.  Specifically created to initiate conversation, this roll isn’t functional. It begins to act as a conversation starter and a critique on the consumerism culture that is so rampant that those of us who can afford to buy toilet paper don’t even think about it.
My tagline is “UNROLL what you deserve” or UNROLL: the toilet paper you deserve. This calls to attention the mindset that many of us have, that toilet paper is a necessity that we just deserve. This could also go to critique many other things that the consumerism culture has just told us we deserve. We don’t even have to think about
The typography was inspired by the dimensions of toilet paper as it is unrolled. Presenting it in a shopping bag reinforces the idea of consumerism.
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