MyTime is an app that was designed as part of the Adobe Creative Jam UX Design competition in Chicago. The prompt "Mindfulness" was given and then we had 3 hours to design an app following the prompt. My partner and I came up with "MyTime." 
MyTime is an app that encourages mindfulness on a day to day basis. You can set your own schedule by choosing times and days of the week to set aside for mindfulness. At those times, the app will automatically lock your device and give you a prompt to encourage mindfulness. This prompt could be an activity prompt, a wellness prompt, or conversation prompt.  The app also has the ability to connect all your devices. This means at the set time of the day, all of your devices will lock at all the same time.  This can encourage you and your family to spend mindfulness time together.
The soft colors, shapes, and gradients are a soft break from the busyness and rigidity of everyday life.
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