Every 100 minutes, a football field (in area) of land is disappearing from the Louisiana coast This means 14 fields a day. This project presents this statistic in a very conceptual, abstract, and beautiful way, attempting to elegize the loss of land we experience. 
The four posters show the 4 different parts of my project. The first poster shows 100 frames from a 3 minute video of me walking the length and width of a football field. These images have been edited in a way that abstracts them: they are blurred and colored in different blues.
The second poster is a poem about the beauty of the ocean. It is a found poem by an unknown author printed on newsprint. It presents this climate crisis but shows the beauty and hope that we have that things will change amidst loss. 
The third poster shows a circular graphic 100 times. This graphic acts as a clock depicting 100 minutes. The background of this poster is the first frame from the documentation of me walking (from the first poster).
The takeaways on the pedestal nearby depict the poem, the 100 minutes overlaid on the 100 frames of the walking video, and the football field icon. These allow the work to live on and be carried away and remembered by viewers.
The last poster is a series of rectangles that create an icon. The rectangles are at the scale of a football field. Eventually, 14 of them are overlapped to create a simple geometric icon printed in black ink on black paper. This is representational of the 14 football fields of land that disappear every day from the coast.
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